Welcome to the Portfolio... If you wish to see some of the work I have done previously, Just click on any of the pictures, and you will be taken to that site. Feel free to explore around! Hopefully there will plenty more added here as time progresses...With the site owners permission, of course!


This is my transit history site for Pittsburgh. This was actually the first site I ever made 17 years ago. It has been online now for 17 years. This is a example of a 30+ page site. This site is loved by transit fans world-wide!


This page I created for my former employer, the New Castle Area Transit Authority to replace their severely outdated page. They are very pleased with it, and this is another example of a 20+ page site.


Another 20+ page design is the homepage of the Cruizers Car Club in Pittsburgh, a up and coming online car club.


This is a site I created for my son, who plans on doing car hauling for dealers and individuals. This site is 10+ pages.


I created this site for my friend who has a detailing shop. This site is in the 5+ page arena.


Another site that is 20+ pages and is known throughout the USA...Top ranking in search engines!


As you can see, I strive to keep my sites fast loading, and easy to navigate. Some pages have music on certain pages, some have video. I can do just about anything you want, while still keeping with our promise of a fast, easy to navigate site.


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