Ways to promote your new website...


Are there more web pages on the Internet than there are people on earth?

It is entirely possible, but one thing is certain. At times, it is easier to find a company’s telephone number than it is to find their website on the Internet. So, you ask, how do you get your website noticed?

Your website exists in cyberspace and should be promoted there, but don’t forget to pursue off-line marketing opportunities as well.


Let's discuss both online and off line promotion...


Online Promotion


1- Links
Request links to your website from other website’s. Good linking strategies are more predictable than search engines and can drive a significant amount of traffic to your site, if you go about it in the right way.

2- Paid advertising on other related website’s.

3- Online Search Engines and Directories.

4- Search Engine Ready.
Before submission, Prime Website Concepts will make your site as search engine ready as possible using meta tags.

5- Submit your website to search engines and directories.

6- Monitoring Website Position.
Search engines and directories are very bogged down. Placement is difficult and often slow. Yet, this is still an important means of generating site traffic. Prime Website Concepts can monitor your website’s position with certain search engines and directories.


Offline Promotion


1- Include Your Website Address.
It’s so obvious that it’s often overlooked. Put your website address on everything. If you put your phone number on it, put your website address on it, too. Include your URL on business cards, letterheads, brochures and any other printed material you distribute. Include it in press releases and all advertising (including the yellow pages). Include your website address in the signature line of your emails.

2- Word of Mouth.
Word of mouth always works to promote a good business. It’s free, it’s effective, and it’s trusted. People love to share a good experience (or a bad one). Ask satisfied customers to help you spread the word.

3- Site Announcement Mailers.
Announce a new site launch with a small mailer. Make sure the mailer reflects the professionalism of your site. Send the mailers to existing customers and contacts or to a targeted market segment.

4- Existing Customers
Don’t forget to make use of the contacts you already have by seeking new business from existing customers.

5- Be Visible
Get listed in the yellow pages, join the local Chamber of Commerce, participate in trade shows. Whenever and wherever possible, talk about your online business – in both professional and social situations. The Internet is hot, take advantage of that fact.

6- Traditional Marketing Methods
Invest in any traditional advertising methods you can afford. Run newspaper, magazine, TV, and yellow page ads. These methods are costly because they are effective. Press releases and interviews can also be very effective and are free.


Prime Website Concepts can handle all of the online promotion for you, but you could easily take advantage of the offline end with little effort... Remember, a little effort now pays off big time in the future!